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Synergy Spanish

Synergy Spanish

Автор(ы): Marcus Santamaria
Издательство: Marcus Santamaria
Год выпуска: 2004
Формат: PDF+MP3
Качество звучания: 32 kbps
Язык: Английский

Рейтинг по голосованию: 4.17 stars
Проголосовавших: 6
Раздел: Аудиокурсы
Today is your first step into the exciting world of speaking a second language. Congratulations for having the courage to try a radically different approach. But perhaps it wasn't courage on your part. Perhaps like me a few years ago, you have been exasperated, bored and disappointed in your attempts to learn Spanish. All the subjunctives and adjective clauses and preterit can really wear you down. Or maybe you just stumbled across this book and the ideas resonated with you. How ever you got here, I expect in 25 days from now you will be glad we have found each other.You see?.

When I started learning Spanish I had a very hard time. I had the will and the desire; In fact I would get up an hour earlier every morning just to study. But my progress was slow.

For you progress won't be slow. In fact it will be very fast. In just 25 days, if you take the time to master the steps in this course and master just 138 Spanish words. You will be able to express many ideas in Spanish and you will be able to manipulate the Spanish Language to say what you need to say in the real world.

This is not classroom pass an exam and forget it Spanish. This is for you to use in the real world.

You can use the Spanish for business to communicate with potential partners on business projects and create strong relationships.

You may want to speak Spanish for pleasure, maybe to get closer to Spanish speaking relatives, to make new friends, to make travel more exciting or even for romance... That's what got me started.

Whatever your reason for wanting to learn Spanish, I hope that this course is a blessing in your life and opens the door to a new world for you, the world of Spanish.


   Комментарии: 5
№1, автор: Митя
2009-04-14 00:04:52

Курс крйне неудачен! Требует знания английского. Даже при его понимании, курс построен трудно,, непонятно и запутанно. не советую качать!
№2, автор: Rob
2010-09-15 06:09:53

Fantastic, but the links are dead. Please can you reupload, on Rapidshare if possible - Thanks!!
№3, автор: Администратор
2010-11-01 17:11:22

Перезалил ссылки
№4, автор: mariamaria
2011-01-17 16:01:09

depositfiles выдает следующую надпись: Такого файла не существует или он был удален из-за нарушения авторских прав. поэтому скачать ничего не удается...
№5, автор: Ольга
2011-02-28 00:02:57

замечательный курс, мне очень нравится. перезалейте, пожалуйста! очень жду!!

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