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The pictorial Spanish course

The pictorial Spanish course

Автор(ы): Torres
Издательство: Boston : Little, Brown
Год выпуска: 1911
Страниц: 162
Формат: DjVu
Язык: испанский/английский
Раздел: Учебники и самоучители
The aim of this book is to give the learner the power of speaking in the foreign tongue in the most natural and interesting way. The Direct Method demands a teacher, and no book can pretend to do for the learner what a teacher can do. In the following pages, therefore, the author has not hesitated to modify the Direct Method to the extent necessary to make the work intelligible to the private student. After long experience of the use of Pictures as a means of suggesting subjects for conversations, the author makes no apology for their introduction to an extent not before attempted in books for older scholars, and in order that no unnecessary aid should be relied upon, the names of the objects are detached and numbers substituted.

Although mainly written for class work, this modification makes the work specially suitable for learners studying without a teacher.


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№1, автор: Arachna
2011-05-22 17:05:44

Почему написано "the power of speaking in the foreign tongue", а не "foreign language?"

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